Ethiopia Hambella Natural

A natural processed coffee form the Hambella region of Guji. An interesting note about his bean is that it’s grown higher than most Ethiopians - 2100 masl. This increases the bean density and increases the complex flavor notes.

Tasting Notes: blueberry, milk chocolate, round body and sweet finish


Brazil Esmeralda Natural

Natural processed coffee from the Sa Paulo region of Brazil. Grown 950-1000 masl. Icatu, Mundo Novo, and Obata varietals from the Nossa Senhora Aparecida fam collective.

Tasting Notes: dark chocolate, almonds, smooth and full bodied

Columbia Samaniego Narino

Blended Columbia and Caturra varietals from various small farms in the Samaniego region. Washed process grown at 1700-1900 masl.

Tasting Notes: honeydew, lime zest, black tea

The Penny Espresso Blend


A rich and balanced cup blended for The Penny Coffee in Mission, BC. Mexican, Honduran, and Ethiopian beans compliment each other to create a rich, smooth, and semi-sweet espresso with a velvety body. Also excellent brewed.

Tasting Notes: chocolate, caramel, berry

Kenya AB Plus

SL-28 varietal grown at 1600-1700 masl. This bean is double washed, sun dried on raised beds and hand sorted, translating into a very clean cup with bright fruit notes and an excellent finish.

Tasting notes: raspberry, grapefruit, sweet acidity with a red wine finish


Columbian Supremo Decaf

Decaffeinated using the 100% chemical free Swiss Water Process in Burnaby, BC. Decaf has often been considered the antithesis to caffeinated coffee’s, however this highly sophisticated and refined process results in the bean retaining its important flavor and cups extremely well - nothing “decaffeinated” about it! Also excellent as an espresso.

Tasting Notes: toasted almonds, dark chocolate, citrus finish